Faded Shadow (moonsdaughter) wrote in book_of_spells,
Faded Shadow

A simple and quick spell for creativity.

This is something that I came up with sort of on-the-spot.

All you need is a candle, I used a black tea-light. I am sure there are better ones out there for this, but like I said, it was on the spot. While lighting the candle, I said:

With this flame
I ask of thee,
to send me a spark
of creativity.
As I reflect
on events past,
Help me to create
words that will last.
This is my will
so mote it be.

As the candle burned, I took a shower. A bath really wouldn't work for this because you visualize your tensions leaving you and going down the drain while also thinking back on the emotions and events you want to reflect in whatever you want to write.

Result: within an hour or two, I had my spark of creativity and produced a poem that has been loved by all who read/heard it. It even touched some people so much that tears began to form. The poem was dedicated to a late friend and her mother asked for a copy to hang in the room that used to be her's.
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