alias grace (stainedpaper) wrote in book_of_spells,
alias grace

Cleansing Ritual

 Hello everyone,
I work at a small, family owned hotel.  Due to some recent events, I feel the need to do a ritual cleaning of the building.  We have a small lobby, a basement, a game room and 18 guest rooms with a few maid closets on each floor.  I need some advice about doing this ritual, because most of the rituals I've seen call for the burning of incense and I can't use incense in the hotel due to the smoke and the lingering smell.  A candle or two would be acceptable.  Does anyone have any experience with cleansing rituals in public buildings, hopefully without using incense?

The hotel will be closing for the season in November, so it will be the perfect time for me to do the ritual, since no one else will be in the building.  

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  

Sorry about the cross-posting.
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