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This community is being temporarily closed for remodeling. No new memberships will be accepted at this time. The profile, guidelines and community focus will be revised and I anticipate things will be back up and running by Dec 1st.

I created this community specifically for the posting of spells.* This is purely informational and there is no expectation that anyone will use, or abuse, any spell read in this community. What I hope to have happen is the posting of spells, especially historical ones, with source notes and opinions given, so that an informed discussion can take place as to why any particular spell would work, or not work, and also what these spells have in common, even across cultural boundaries.

I also believe discussion of superstitions is a part of this field of interest, so this will be allowed as well.

Especially important in the posting of spells is the source. We must know what the source of a spell is. A personal spell, one that originated with the poster, is perfectly acceptable, so long as it is made clear that the poster is the "source." I want to make this even clearer, if a spell is posted it must have the following:

"Source: Name of book and author"

or if you created the spell yourself then this,

"Source: Your LJ User name"

If a spell does NOT have a source, it may be deleted.

If someone reads a spell here and then performs it, they do so with no endorsement of this community, or its moderators, and completely exonerate everyone but themselves of all responsibility and liability. You may ask advice and/or opinions about the effects of such a spell, but this advice should be taken knowing that no one here is an expert on the effects of spells and any specific actions taken by any individual. What is read in this community and any actions taken as a result of this reading is entirely the responsibility of that individual.

*What is a spell?
A formula, or series of actions that may include certain words and items that are said to have useful properties, believed to have magic power that brings about certain desired results. (Please remember: This community is about spells, not stones, herbs, and other such things. If you make a statement about the properties of a particular item, then it must be in conjunction with its use in a spell and not be just general information about the item itself. When someone asks for a spell, then give them a spell, not just advice to carry a particular stone or herb with them. This is not what this community is about. If you do not have spell to give, then don't respond; and give sources folks.)


Moderators: boniface and seshen

1. Chain letters, quizzes, politics and other non-topical posts will be deleted. No exceptions.

2. No community promotions, please.

3. Discussion in this community is uncensored as long as the thread remains on-topic. You are expected to conduct yourself in a responsible, honorable manner. Persons who cannot (or refuse to) control themselves will be removed.

4. Please use the spell-checker. If u lik 2 type lik this, I guaranT you will not B taken seriously.

5. Please put long posts and big pictures behind a LJ cut.

6. The moderators will keep or delete entries based on their personal judgement. If there is an issue with any action, contact seshen or boniface privately.

7. Rules and objectives are subject to change based on the needs and growth of the community.